An online lottery for Corby residents run by the borough council went live on Tuesday ( Mar 28 ).

The chance to buy tickets in the lottery comes ahead of a series of weekly draws -  the first of which will be on Saturday April the 29th.

Some thirty good causes in Corby have been successful in being affiliated to the lottery with players having the chance to nominate a chosen cause. One of them is Corby Radio, who as a community radio station need to provide half of their funding from methods other than advertising.

The top weekly prize from the £1 stake will be £25,000. Corby Borough Council say 60 per cent of what they make will go back to the causes and that no money from the lottery will be used to subsidise other council services - the success of the scheme will be reviewed after a year.

The lottery's website is

Corby's MP and the Borough Council are among those hoping for a resolution to the dispute that's emerged over Corby's Urgent Care Centre on Cottingham Road.

Operators Lakeside Plus say the service will shut its doors this Friday when their contract runs out - NHS Corby say the operators should not have gone public with certain details and they'll get in a new provider to run the centre if necessary.

MP Tom Pursglove and Corby Borough Council say they are engaged with trying to find a solution. As of Saturday March 25th there were reports of a compromise deal being offered.


Voting's open online to help a Corby charity achieve their dream of their own home.

Stages - who work in the fields of mental illness and addiction - are one of the causes nominated in the Anglia West region of the ITV "Peoples Projects" scheme that is being held in association with The National Lottery.

If successful the charity could receive at least £35,000 - which they want to put towards finding a building that can become their permanent base.

A link to where voting is taking place online until April 3 can be found on Corby Radio's Facebook page.

Volunteers from the cause are also due to be in Corby town centre on Thursday ( Mar 23 ) with postcards that people can use instead of voting online.