An arts podcast production made by local former BAFTA nominees and backed by young volunteers has been broadcast on Corby Radio.

Community interest company HD Media are behind the venture, which it's hoped will continue on a bi-monthly basis.

You can view the video version of the podcast at Corby Radio's Facebook page.

Corby Borough Council say they will not pursue claims against those involved in the development of the Corby Cube.

It's understood the costs of developing the civic building, which opened in 2010, over-ran into the millions of pounds.

In a statement CBC said a cross-party working group of councillors had been established to review the circumstances that led to the cost over-run - consulting legal and construction experts in the process.

They said multiple reasons were identified for the project going over budget - but that there was insufficient evidence to show that  the conduct of those parties was the sole cause of the over-run.

A main road between Corby and Kettering will be closed as work to replace a railway bridge that crosses it gets underway.

East Midlands Trains say Barford Bridge which crosses the A6003 - is being replaced as part of the project to install a second track and to electrify the rail line between the two towns.

An 800 ton crane is set to be used in the operation. The road closure and signposted diversions take effect from 9pm Thu ( Feb 16 ) through to Monday at 6am, and will continue over the following weekend as well.