Elections to Northamptonshire County Council take place on Thursday May 4th.

The candidates for the wards covering the Corby area have been confirmed as:

Corby Rural: Terri Meechan (LD) Sandra Naden-Horley (Con) Bob Riley (Lab)

Corby West: Sidney Beecroft (LD) Julie Brookfield (Lab) Harriet Pentland (Con) Steven Scrutton (Grn)

Kingswood: Ollie Lewis (Con) Michael Mahon (Grn) John McGhee (Lab) Garth Ratcliffe (LD)

Lloyds: Judith Brown (LD) Miranda Harrison (Con) Bob Scott (Lab)

Oakley: Mary Butcher (Lab) James Collier (Con) Keith Hudson (UKIP) Chris Stanbra (LD)