Corby has been awarded a national accolade for the strength of its development in recent years.

Corby was named the "greatest town in the U.K. and Ireland" by the Academy for Urbanism at a ceremony in London on Wednesday.

Coventry and Milton Keynes were also nominated for the Great Town Award, one of a number to recognise the best, most enduring or improved urban areas.

The academy said Corby had won due to a regeneration strategy which had attracted new jobs into the town while delivering a good quality of lifefor a growing population - which included new amenities in the town centre and community centres in new housing areas.

Support programmes such as Growing Corby and Enterprise 4 Corby were also mentioned in the nomination put forward to the Academy.

The award was collected by the leader of Corby Borough Council and the Mayor of Corby.

Corby will also be featured in a forthcoming book by the Academy of Urbanism, and a poem about the town has also been composed.