Plans to create a new parish council for the Priors Hall area of Corby won't go forward for the time being.

It was the recommendation of a report Corby borough councillors saw on Tuesday ( Apr 10 )  which said a consultation with residents in that area and Weldon saw very poor returns.

Originally some residents had put forward a petition calling for the new area to have its own parish seperate from Weldon.

However CBC officials say the low interest from all residents means the plans won't go any further for the moment - but they have not ruled out returning to them in the future.

Campaigners are still pushing towards a judicial review taking place over planned changes to Corby's Urgent Care Centre.

They have now passed an initial fundraising target of more than £2,500 towards making that a reality.

The Save Our Corby UCC group was originally devised following fears last year of a total closure of the facility - now planned changes to a sameday access hub have led to the accusation that it amounts to a downgrade.

That's been denied previously by NHS Corby, who are continuing with a conversation with the public about the access arrangements for healthcare in Corby.

Arts collective Made In Corby have decided on ten  "Living Legends" for an exhibition coming up at the Rooftop Arts Centre.

The project funded by the National Lottery received many entries from the public which were featured on social media before judges sat down to select the final ten.

They are being visited by a writer and photgrapher to document their stories - the ten range from a shopkeeper on the Kingswood estate to the founder of Adrenaline Alley.

Other nominations are also set to be featured in the exhibition in a big screen at the centre - while photography workshops will look to get more people in the town involved.

The exhibition is set to open for a month from May the 2nd.

Northamptonshire County Council is postponing the sale of its new headquarters, One Angel Square in Northampton.

They will instead try and use reserves to balance the books.

The news comes as this week the government approved inspectors recommendations to send commissioners in to oversee the county council's operations and financial management.

And Corby Borough Council's leader, Cllr Tom Beattie, has again stated that the authority won't willingly accept a recommendation to merge it with others to create a new unitary authority for the north of the county.


Mar 16 - Leaders of district and borough councils in Northamptonshire have called for a meeting with the Secretary of State for Local Government.

It follows an inspectors' report on the county council which recommends to government that the authority is scrapped with two new unitary bodies replacing all local authorities in the county.

A joint statement from the borough leaders says they don't believe the unitary model is the only way forward and that residents need to be at the heart of any solutions - and that the leaders have suggestions that could contribute.

Corby Borough Council leader Cllr Tom Beattie said "CBC considers itself a well run and efficient Council. As evidenced by our own LGA Peer Review in 2014 we are financially strong to the point that we have recently approved a budget for growth. It is extremely disappointing that because of the failure of others the future of our council is now threatened. The people of Corby deserve better than this.”

On Friday the seven MPs for Northamptonshire released a joint statement welcoming the report's findings while Corby MP Tom Pursglove added that wherever possible the new model should mean Corby people taking decisions about the town.

The Conservative leader of the county council, Cllr Heather Smith, resigned on Thursday following the report's publication.