Around 1200 people took part in Sunday's ( May 20 ) Race for Life event in Corby.

It was the first time the fun runs had taken place in the town, with money being raised for Cancer Research UK.

It's understood the efforts of runners in West Glebe Park raised some £55,000.

Two government-appointed commissioners have begun work at Northamptonshire County Council.

Tony McArdle and Brian Roberts are set to be in place at the county authority until 2021.

They will oversee NCC's financial situation - emergency spending controls were put in place at the authority earlier this year owing to its severe financial difficulties.

It's reported since then the county council has managed to balance its books.

Corby Borough Council has raised the issue of potholes on the town's roads with the county council.

It's the Northamptonshire body who are responsible for road maintenance.

Corby Council's leader said they aware of residents concerns about potholes causing damage to cars - and they have asked that NCC put it high on their agenda.

They say the county council claim severe winter weather has meant the amount of defects on the road network has increased three-fold recently - and that NCC were striving to keep up with the number of reports they've had.

Reports of potholes and road defects have to be made online through the Street Doctor part of

A campaign group opposed to planned changes to Corby's Urgent Care Centre have put in a legal challenge

over the moves.


The "Save Our Corby UCC" said last week they had lodged papers ahead of a planned judicial review.

They are opposed to moves by the NHS Corby clinical commissioning group to make then U-C-C an appointment

based service.

A statement from the group said they had most of the funding in place to fight the measures through the courts.

NHS Corby have previously said that their plans do not amount to a downgrade of the service.

Plans to create a new parish council for the Priors Hall area of Corby won't go forward for the time being.

It was the recommendation of a report Corby borough councillors saw on Tuesday ( Apr 10 )  which said a consultation with residents in that area and Weldon saw very poor returns.

Originally some residents had put forward a petition calling for the new area to have its own parish seperate from Weldon.

However CBC officials say the low interest from all residents means the plans won't go any further for the moment - but they have not ruled out returning to them in the future.