Jim Byrne

Jim Byrne


Name: Jim Byrne

Birthplace: Dublin

Describe yourself in 3 words: Caring, Happy Grateful

Give us an interesting fact about yourself:
I got further than Chuck Middleton on The Weakest Link.

What is your favourite song of all time and why?
It was Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley and I love it still, but I'd say Everybody Changes by Keane has taken the number one spot.

Describe your ideal night out/in:
Ideal night in is with my family watching tv.
Ideal night out would be with family or friends at a decent venue in town.

What do you love about Corby?
The People

What is your favourite place in Corby?
Corby Radio

What is your favourite part of being involved with Corby Radio?
Having a laugh with Paul Moore.