A power-sharing agreement has been signed in Sudan between the ruling military council and the main opposition coalition.

The father of a police officer killed while responding to reports of a burglary says his family are "in a bad place".

Riot officers carrying shields have chased protesters through a busy district in Hong Kong to end a brief stand-off outside a police station.

A dugong which captured the hearts of Thailand has been found dead with pieces of plastic in its digestive system.

The US has issued a warrant to seize an Iranian supertanker in a bid to prevent it from leaving Gibraltar.

A teenager has been charged with murdering a father who was stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver.

PC Andrew Harper died of multiple injuries and the 10 people being held over his death were arrested at a caravan park, police have said.

Italy’s hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini has relented and agreed to allow minors on a migrant ship off the country’s coast to disembark.

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to say if he would support another caretaker prime minister, adding that Labour should be invited to form a government if MPs make it clear they have no confidence in Boris Johnson’s administration.

Australian batsman Steve Smith was forced off the field during the second Ashes Test after being struck by a 92.4mph delivery.

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