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18th October 2019

Sky News

Boris Johnson declared that the controversial backstop was dead as a new deal was struck with the European Union on Brexit.

Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff has acknowledged military aid to Ukraine was held up partly due to the president’s request to investigate a Democratic National Committee server.

Prince William has said he and wife Kate are fine after their turbulent flight’s landing in Islamabad was aborted twice.

Police have released an e-fit image of a man whose body was found in south London after he fell from a plane.

Prince Harry has revealed that camera flashes remind him of his mother’s death.

Police in Spain have broken up a gang suspected of robbing the houses of high-profile footballers during games.

Boris Johnson told his MPs on Wednesday he was hopeful of a deal, but felt like he was on the Hillary Step of Everest, while the summit was "shrouded in mist".

Boris Johnson is returning to Downing Street after securing a new Brexit deal at a crucial Brussels summit – but he has a fight on his hands to get MPs to back it.

Boris Johnson doesn’t have the numbers – yet – to pass his deal in the Commons, but there have been clear signs that some of the resistance is crumbling.

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